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'Revival Is Coming': Sen. Ted Cruz Says the Church Must 'Wake Up' to Defeat 'Woke Assault'

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who delivered a speech at the Faith & Freedom Coalition's "Road to Majority" conference last Friday, called on the church to "wake up" in order to defeat the "woke assault" on conservatives in the United States.

The conference, which was held in Kissimmee, Florida, featured a variety of conservative leaders, including Florida governor Ron DeSantis and former vice president Mike Pence.

According to The Christian Post, Cruz addressed the largely conservative Christian crowd in a message centered on two themes: the need to "defend America" and a coming revival.

"If we are going to defeat the woke assault, then all of us need to wake up," the Texas Senator said.

"The slumbering Church needs to wake up ...," he continued. "We need to wake up. We need to energize. We need to engage. … We can win, and we will win."

Cruz, a 2016 presidential candidate, contrasted the idea that "politics is downstream from culture" by asserting that "today, politics is culture."

"If you want to hold on to your faith, if you want to hold on to your freedom, then you have to rise and answer the call to defend America," he stressed.

Cruz also argued that out of roughly 90 million evangelical Christians in the U.S., only about half vote in political elections because the "Church is asleep."

Meanwhile, Cruz shared that his father, Pastor Raphael Cruz, says "no one bears more responsibility for [the stripping away of values and the loss of lives from abortions] than the pastors in America … who hide behind the pulpit."

Cruz continued arguing that America's foundations and "eternal principles" are under a "relentless" assault like never before.

"America is great," Cruz contended. "Christopher Columbus discovering America was a good thing. George Washington was an American hero. Thomas Jefferson was an American hero. Abraham Lincoln was an American hero. Our founding fathers were extraordinary patriots. America has been a force for good in the world. We should stand for our national anthem," he said.

"Police officers keep us safe. Marriage is a holy covenant before God. An unborn child is a child. Children do best when they are raised by a mother and a father. Israel is our friend. The Wuhan virus came from Wuhan. And there is a difference between boys and girls," Cruz asserted.

The politician pointed out that such statements a few years ago "would have been utterly uncontroversial and blazingly obvious, even to the most dimwitted among us." However, he warned that saying them today can get you canceled, fired, or erased.

Cruz also condemned Critical race theory as "bigoted" and "a lie."

Critical race theory, he argued, "seeks to turn us against each other" and is "every bit as racist as the Klansmen in white sheets."

Nevertheless, the Texas Senator remains hopeful because there is a "natural pendulum to politics."

"The further and further and further crazy left they go, the more the American people are going to bring us back and pull this country back from the edge of the cliff," he argued.

In closing, Cruz appeared optimistic that Republicans will "take back" Congress and the White House in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

"It took Jimmy Carter to bring us Ronald Reagan," he said. "Joe Biden is Jimmy Carter 2.0, and I'm here to tell you revival is coming."

Cruz quoted from Psalm 30, which says in part, "weeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning."

"I'm here to tell you morning is coming," he encouraged the crowd. "We're going to win in 2022 and retire [Speaker of the House] Nancy Pelosi and [Senate Majority Leader] Chuck Schumer. And then we're going to win in 2024 and send Joe Biden and Kamala Harris a one-way ticket finally to our southern border," he said.

"Revival is coming. God bless America. Revival is coming," Cruz concluded.


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