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Miss Florida pageant winner Ashley Cariño acknowledged this week that God is the reason she is where

The Christian Aid Ministries missionaries who were kidnapped in Haiti.

The final 12 of the 17 Christian Aid Ministries missionaries who were kidnapped in Haiti on Oct. 16 executed a daring escape plan after they prayed, allowing them to gain freedom last Wednesday, the international charity has revealed.

“Over the time of their captivity, God gave various hostages a desire to attempt an escape, but it took them a while to all agree on when or how this should take place. To attempt such a thing would be dangerous! They sought God in prayer over and over again, seeking direction from Him,” CAM spokesman Weston Showalter revealed in a statement shared at a press conference Monday.

The group, he explained, included a married couple, a 10-month-old baby, a 3-year-old child, a 14-year-old girl, a 15-year-old boy, four single men, and two single women.

This 10-month-old baby was the youngest of the Christian Aid Ministries hostages.

“It took time and God’s work, but after much discussion and prayer, they became solidly united and decided God was leading them this way. The hostages shared that this eventual sense of unity was in itself a great miracle,” he said. “On several occasions, they planned to escape, but they had decided if specific things didn’t happen, they would accept that as God’s direction to wait.

“Twice when they planned to escape, God gave clear signs that this was not the right time. On both occasions, on the very minute they had discussed, the exact thing took place they had requested as a sign. God was at work, but the timing was not right,” Showalter added.

The group kept strategizing and praying until they miraculously united and agreed that they would make their great escape from a barricaded house where they were being held on Dec. 15.


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